CARGOXPRESS – Greening of surface transport through an innovative and competitive cargo-vessel concept marine and fluvial intermodal ports

Gefördert im 7. Forschungsrahmenprogramm der Europäischen Union
Laufzeit: 01.09.2009 – 30.04.2012

EU CargoXpress is going to develop a gruondbreaking innovative cargo vessel to meet the expectations of green transport and contributing to decongesting of Europe´s roads. It gives particular attention to the role of SMEs not only in the composition of the consortium (2 out of 6 industry partners are SMEs plus 6 research institutions and a public body) but also when delivering the design of the cargo vessel of the future which is particularly suited for the small and medium sized European Shipyards and equipment suppliers.

The vessel Concept EU-CargoXpress goes far beyond existing approaches from aspects of

  • ship equipment (combined superstructure with bridge, crane and sail)
  • new propulsion Concept (superconducting energy conversion, PODs)
  • ship structure (lightweight fit for serial production)
  • maintenance (modularised/ standardised and „boxed“ equipment for immediate exchange rather than repair on board)
  • ship  operation (sailor in home base, thruogh fixed routes)

and promotes a logistic philosophy which has the the potential to revolutionize the Short Sea Shipping (SSS) business in the Motorways-of-the-Sea. It follows the Ryanair approach which has developed service to hundreds of small airports. EU-CARGOXPRESS will do a similar thing it provides a high tech vessel for medium and small marine or fluvial ports to shorten considerably the remaining road-transport. 

This will clearly impact on CO2 and other pollutants emission. First calculations show a potential of total fuel savings of 10,3 Mt/year which accounts for 0,63 % of total EU25 energy consumption per year, when applying the concept to the next 3000 newbuildings for SSS. 

CMTCenter of Maritime Technologies e.V. (Koordinator) Deutschland
ULJUljanik Brodogradiliste DD Kroatien
RINARINA Services SPA Italien
FSGFlensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co KG Deutschland
FhG Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Deutschland
VTTVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finnland
LRLloyd´s Register EMEA Großbritannien
SPSP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB Schweden
as2conAlveus l.l.c. Kroatien
SOTONUniversity of Southampton Großbritannien
SDGShip Design Group SRL Rumänien
UGALUniversitatea Dunarea de jos din Galati Rumänien
STX FRSTX France SA Frankreich
CTCompania Trasmediterranea SA Spanien
ACCInfraestructuras SA Spanien
HSVAHamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH Deutschland
CARCARNIVAL PLC Großbritannien
NAVREPSC Navrom Reparatii SRL Rumänien
MECMEC Insenerilahendused Estland
SAARSaare Paat AS Estland
PAULPaulstra Frankreich