About CMT

As a non-profit limited liability company under the umbrella of the German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM), the Center of Maritime Technologies gGmbH (CMT) is the service arm of the VSM for research and development and offers a broad service portfolio. 

The services offered cover the entire range in the implementation of research projects, from the identification of RDI research needs and the development of project ideas as well as the identification of suitable partnerships and cooperation opportunities, advice on funding programmes, cross-programme application, to administrative and technical project management. Thus, an external research centre is available to interested parties within the framework of the association, which opens up participation in RDI or supplementation of the company’s own RDI capacities.

CMT is a member of the German Network for Applied Industrial Research and is also involved in a variety of ways at the European level. It is a recognised research centre that conducts its own technical research in strategic areas with a medium to long-term perspective and offers extensive experience, networks and resources to support and advise on a wide range of projects.
CMT gGmbH is the direct successor organisation of the Center of Maritime Technologies e.V., which was involved in more than 60 publicly funded, mostly European research projects and about 50 privately funded research and development projects.

The main areas of work for maritime applications include

Production organisation and logistics

Lightweight structures and new materials
Ship concepts and life cycle performance
Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

In addition, CMT has extensive experience in organising, coordinating and managing large-scale RDI projects and establishing research and development collaborations.

For its commitment, CMT was again awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of the Stifterverband for the year 2022/2023.