Welcome at Center of Maritime Technologies

Coordinator of the network for Research, development and Innovation of the German maritime Industry and science.


The association’s goal is to strengthen research, development and innovation in the maritime industry by promoting cooperation between the various players in industry and the academic world.


CMT serves as the central hub for the maritime competence network with the following tasks, aims and services:

  • Central contact point for innovative tasks and ideas in the maritime sector
  • Information broker and contact point for research-related information, competencies and exploitation of research results
  • Coordination of maritime R&D activities in Germany and Europe, foremost through establishment and coordination of R&D networks
  • Initiation of innovation, research and development through information, consulting, administrative and technical support
  • Commissioned research activities through own capacities in selected fields
  • Strategy formation for companies, specific economic sectors and the whole maritime industry
  • Fostering the European integration through collaboration in European committees and through contribution to the development of the European Research Area
  • Creation of contact possibilities between CMT members and other players in the maritime sector


CMT Corporate Brochure download as pdf


16th International Ship Stability Workshop, ISSW 2017

5-7 June 2017, Belgrade, Serbia


H2020 Waterborne Research Conference: Competitive, Safe and Sustainable

8 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium


Symposium on Maritime Safety and Security (MSS) Applications

13 and 14 June 2017, Bremen, Germany


Joint Workshop on Maritime and Port applications

15 - 16 June 2017, Valencia, Spain


COLUMBUS Brokerage event: Knowledge from research on Lightweight materials and advanced joining techniques for the maritime industry

22nd of June 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark


Schiffs- und Meerestechnisches Kolloquium: Einfluss instationärer Zustände des Schlepprinnenwassers auf Versuchsergebnisse

23.06.2017, 14:00-15:00 Uhr, Rostock